Azuga Integration: What GPS does within HindSite Solution


Azuga provides end-to-end fleet management solutions, including GPS fleet tracking, driver safety, fleet dash cam, and much more. It harnesses the power of GPS, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards to create a fleet management solution that not only does the job, but makes everyone’s job easier. By tracking, analyzing, and reporting every mile, every stop, every vehicle, and driver alert, Azuga helps to improve safety and increase accountability and the efficiency of fleet management.

All of Azuga’s training materials can be found here.

Install the OBD-II Device

Once you’ve received the OBD-II devices from Azuga, install these in your vehicles physically and on the Azuga app.

There are two methods available for app-based installation, and you could choose either of them:

  • Using the Azuga FleetMobile App

  • Using the Azuga Fleet Web App

Both the physical and app-based device installation instructions are explained in detail in the OBD-II Installation Guide.

Integrating Azuga with HindSite Solution

For access to the Azuga account for our internal use, please speak to the Operation Manager for the credentials.

The Azuga API key comes from the Azuga App. Admin → Users. Each user has one, but any one can be used to copy into setup below.


  1. GoTo Maint > Utilities > Application Setup > 3rd Party Apps

  2. Copy and Paste the Azuga API Key above into the entry box within the 3rd Party Apps tab. Click save and close from this screen. An example screenshot is shown below.


3. Now that your Azuga account has been tied to your HindSite Solution program, we will need to associate the vehicles saved within Azuga with our perspective crews/technicians.

4. Navigate to GoTo Maint > Employees > Open/Double-Click the desired crew/technician to access the employee settings. **Employee must be enabled as a “Service Technician” to be able to access the technician settings menu. The technician is NOT required to be “Active” and associated with a full field license.

5. Click on the “Truck Tracking Number” dropdown menu and assign the desired vehicle to the specific crew/technician. Please reference the screenshot below.



6.  Once the “Vehicle” has been assigned, click save to finalize the change.

Using Azuga within HindSite Solution

Azuga is utilized within HindSite Solution to view in real-time where your crew/technicians are and cross-compare them to the HindSite Solution work orders.

In the steps below, you will be able to see the available features once Azuga has been fully integrated.

Viewing Trucks/Vehicles

Schedule > Map > enable the “Trucks” checkbox. **Click the “Legend” to view the icons and definitions of each.




Reading Historical Data

  1. Schedule > Map > enable the “Trucks” checkbox.

  2. Click the “History” button above the Map to access the Truck Readings screen.

  3. Click the “History” button to the left of the desired vehicle # and crew/technician to see the breadcrumbs stored within Azuga. **Please know that the icons to the left are for Pedigree GPS Tracking users only. Azuga users will see the stops placed directly on the vehicle icons to show the sequence in which the truck took throughout the day.


Truck/Vehicle Breadcrumbs