Sending Out Collection Letters

**Payments from collection letters will be applied via FattMerchant's OmniPlatform. If the credit/debit card information is not saved within HindSite Solution's ProntoPay feature, you will NOT be able to see the ProntoPay button on step 9.**

1. Make sure that you have your customer's email entered into your HindSite Solution program. You must also be sure to have the "Email Invoice?" checked ON.


2. Navigate to the Daily Must Dos > Pull Balances. Once you start pulling over your balances from QuickBooks, you will get the option to look at the Collection Letters.


3. From here, you can click onto the column header "Select All" to grab the entire list to send collection letters. This list will ONLY show and display customer who has an overdue balance in Quickbooks and who had an existing email within HindSite Solution.


4. Click the "Collection Letters" button send the emails from FattMerchant to everyone selected.


5. Once the emails have been sent, the "Last Date Sent" will update to "SENT".


6. This is how it will look like from your customer's perspective. This email is NOT editable and cannot be changed. The customer will have the option to click "PAY NOW" to enter their form of payment.


7. Once the customer clicks "PAY NOW", this will bring them to the payment screen. From here, they can use a bank account number and routing number OR they can enter a debit/credit card number as the form of payment.



8. Once the payment's been applied, FattMerchant will send this payment information to HindSite Solution. **FattMerchant does not automatically send this to QuickBooks**


9. Now to send the payment over to QuickBooks, we can run through your daily billing scenario and "Send WO to Invoicing". From here, we can click the "ProntoPay" button to send payments to QuickBooks.


10. Select and choose the desired payments to send, then click "Send Payments" to finalize.