Company Information

Company is your company information - name, address, and main contact. To add and edit your company's information go to Settings \ Company \ Open

1) Settings

2) Open (Company)

1 - Open Compan

Click on Edit at top right.

2 - Click Edit

Type in your Company Name and Address

1) Company Name

2a) Address - Actual street address. This field locates your company on a map.

2b) Address - Optional Data. This field is for Suite #, PO Box, Attn, etc.

3) City, State, Zip. Country is optional.

3- Name Address City State Zip

Type in your company's Main Contact Information

1) First and last name of owner or main contact.

2) Phone number and Email address of company or main contact.

4 - First Last Phone Email

Click on Done at top right

5 - Click Done