User Maintenance

Users are people who use your company's FieldCentral software. These include the owner(s), managers, foremen, field technicians, accountants, and 3rd party users. 

To add new users go to Settings \ User Maintenance

1) Settings

2) User Maintenance

1 Settings

Click on the Plus symbol

2 Click Plus

- Email Required. When a new user is saved, an email is sent to this email address for them to create their password.

- Role Select a role for this user.

- First Name Optional. This new user's first name.

- Last Name Optional. This new user's last name.

- Phone Number Optional. This new user's phone number.

Crew Optional. A crew is a column on the schedule screen that is set up in People. All your crews will be listed in this drop down. Select a crew for this user.

- Active Yes/No. Only active users can access the software.

Click Save Changes 

3 Click Save

To edit an existing user, hover your mouse and double-click the row to be edited. Make your changes and click Save Changes when done.