Services and Work to Do are terms used for scheduling. To create and edit services and work to do go to Settings \ Services \ Open

1) Settings

2) Services

1 Settings (1)

Go to Services & WTD \ Open

2 Click Services & WTD

Service is a group name for the type of work you are doing. To add a service, click on the plus symbol (Add New Service is displayed when the mouse is hovered over the plus symbol)

A service may also be used to create a template for an estimate, or a list of contracted services. If interested in learning more please follow the link at the end of the page.

3 Click Plus

1) Service Name Required. This is the name of this group or type of work.

2) Service Description Optional. A phrase or sentence describing this group or type of work.

3) Active Only active Services can be scheduled.

4) click Create.

4 Adding Service

Work To Do items fall under services.

To see the Work To Do click on the triangle-shaped arrow to the left of the service.

5 Click Arrow

To add a new Work To Do Click on the plus symbol on the right. (Add New Item is displayed when the mouse is hovered over the plus).

6 Click Plus

1) Work To Do Name Required. The specific descriptive word or phrase that identifies this work to do for scheduling.

1) Active Only active Work To Do can be scheduled.

1) # of Visits Optional. How many times this Work To Do is required for this service.

1) Est Man Hrs Optional. For estimating.

1) BillingType Optional. For invoicing. Options include Non-Billable, Time and Materials, and Flat Rate.

1) QuickBooks Full Name Optional. This associates this work to do to a specific QuickBooks invoice item.

1) Flat Rate Optional. For invoicing. A flat rate charges a fixed amount without varying.

1) Rate by Hr Optional. For invoicing. An hourly rate charges by the hour. 

1) Assessment Link: Optional. The drop down selects an assessment.

2) WTD Color Required. Identifies the Work To Do by color on the schedule.

2) Confirm Color Required. Identifies a confirmed Work To Do by color on the schedule. Work To Do is confirmed by the customer in reply to your confirmation email, or manually by the office user. Choose a confirm color similar to, but a shade different from the WTD color.

3) Charge For Materials Optional. For invoicing. When selected, each new part or material added is charged at a fixed rate per each. When not selected, there is no charge for any new parts or materials added.

3) TripCharge 

3) Bill For Drive Time Optional. When selected, drive time will be charged per hour at the employee's default hourly rate. When not selected, there is no charge for drive time.

3) MinimumCharge


Click on Update to save.

7 Adding Work To Do

1) Used to view Work To Dos under the service.

2) Used to edit Work To Do.

3) Used to delete Work To Do.

8 View Edit Delete

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