Contact Search Page

To access the Contact Search section you want to first click on the green Menu bar in the top left. This will show a few different options but you want to focus on the 'Accounts' option as shown below.

Navigation Bar (3)

It will take you to a separate screen that has 3 different options: Property Search, Contact Search, And Management Company Search. All options will take you to the same screen but it will be searching specifically for whichever option you select.

Alternatively you can click on the 'Magnifying Glass' on the quick access bar at any point in time and click on the search button to access the same area a bit quicker as shown below.
accountsEdited (2)

Below is a picture of the Contact search page. As you can see currently, I clicked the 'Management Company' option on the previous screen so it will only display Management companies in the list unless I select one of the other options. Also it's currently only looking for 'Active' customer within this list, but if you click on the button that's highlighted below it will search for All customers including Inactive.