Billing Visit Summary

The Visit Summary section is what allows for editing the visit components such as Time and Material, as well as adding a price override if needed.

Please refer to the image and associated points below to learn about each section of the Visit Summary.

Visit Summary

1: Visit Information-

This section is used to review visit information such as the customer's location, the service performed, or the date scheduled.

2: Time Records-

The Time section is used to review the time records entered by the technicians as well as edit, add, or remove them all together.

3: Material-

Any material that has been documented on the field device will appear here in the Material section. This section like with times, will allow for the material used to be edited, added to, or removed.

4: Price Override-

The Price Override section will allow for an override to be performed and for Field Central to bill a different total than originally calculated.