Estimate Templates

To utilize Field Central's Sales & Est. feature, Estimate Templates are a forced multiplier build. Outline your most common scenarios and use them as the foundation to build your estimates.

Estimate Templates allow the user to preset guidelines of pre-determined services to be applied to opportunities and build a base to work off of. For example, most service companies may have different tiers/levels/packages of combined services and work to-dos. Listed below is a generic example of 3 types of tiers/levels/packages with their corresponding work to-dos that you can find in most service contractors.

Before you start on this, you must have your list of services created. If you have not, please click here to create your services.

**You will need to create a separate service category with their own specific work-to-dos. Estimate Templates in Field Central can only be tied to one of those service categories. Down below is a screenshot of what your services can look like**

Service Setup for Contract Work v2

Here is some example of what service companies can usually offer in their Contract/Maintenance Work. 

Contract/Maintenance Work


Lawn Maintenance




Spring Start-Up (Activations) Mow, Trim, Blow x(# based on your company) Fertilization 1 (1st Application) Inspections


Backflow Test Spring/Fall Clean-Ups Fertilization 2 (2nd Application) Repairs Irrigation Install
Mid-Season Check Aeration Fertilization 3 (3rd Application) Cleaning Landscape Build/Install
Winterization (Blow-Outs) Mulch Fertilization 4 (4th Application) Service Estimates Irrigation/Landscape Projects

*Number of Fertilization Applications are solely based on your company and/or the contract itself.*

To get started, click on the  symbol to add a new estimate template.

FC Add Estimate Template 1

Assign a name and Service to the template being built.

In my example below, I named my template Bronze Irrigation while choosing the Contract Work type of services. **This may differ for your company. If so, please contact your account manager for guidance on adding more to this list.**
Estimate Template Add pt2


Click Create Template and we will move onto how to edit and adjust the specifics of the template itself.

From within the Details tab, here are the things to consider when editing the template.

  1. Estimate Type
    • Basic - Allows for billing specifics #7 - #11 to be used and for you to be able to adjust each Work To-Dos billing criteria such as Man Hours, # of Visits, and Price/Rate Per Visit.
    • Advanced - Allows for each Work To-Dos (adv) to have their own specific estimate info to be applied. This can include # of Visits, Labor, Materials, Flat Rate Items, and Notes.
      You can also edit the number of visits/'dollars per visit but cannot edit man-hours or how the contract itself bills.
  2. Contract Start/End Dates - Preset the life of the estimate as well as the active date of the contract if the estimate is won.
  3. Estimate Notes - Preset descriptions and details pertaining to the type of estimate that is being created.
  4. Sales Rep - Preset designated person who will be receiving credits to making the sale on this estimate.
  5. Source - Answers how the client/lead was generated.
  6. Billing Type **This is just a label to help you clarify how this contract is billed. All the billing specifics are based on #7 - #11.**
    • Billable By Contract - Billed based on the package amount either in a single sum or spread across X months.
    • Billable By Contract (Prepaid) - Billed based on a fixed firm price or contract amount agreed upon by the client and your company. The amount is prepaid before the start of the job/services/work is started.
    • Billable By Contract (Accrual) - Billed based on what was recognized by your company to bill your client but has not yet been billed to your client.
    • Flat Rate Per Visit - Billed based on a set flat rate per company attendance. The number of technicians does not affect this rate.
    • Time And Material Per Visit - Usually billed according to the amount of time spent on-site and materials used on-site. This may also be based on the number of technicians on-site or if it is based on company time on-site.
  7. Total Price - Combined final amount to be billed to the client/customer.
  8. Number of Billings - Number of times to bill the client/customer.
  9. Amount to be billed (per billing) - Total Price ÷ Number of Billings
  10. Billing Start Date - Initial date to bill the client/customer.
  11. Discount (%) - If applicable, this percentage discount will be applied to the total.
  12. Auto-Renewable Contract? - Allows for the client to be automatically subscribed for an exact duplicate of their estimate to be created for the next upcoming season/year.

Edit Estimate Template

Work To-Dos

Next, we will have to configure the standard Work To-Dos.

To make edits or adjustments to the desired Work To-Do, click the FC Pen Edit icon.

Estimate Template WTD 1

From there, we can change the Bill Type, Man Hrs, # of Visits, Price/Rate Per Visit, and the Notes. These adjustments are changes to Work To-Dos and are separate from the Contract Bill Type. Here are some details about what can be adjusted.

**Field Central will automatically pull these values from the property level.**

  1. Bill Type
    • Billable by Contract - Billed based on how the contract's Billing Type from the Details tab.
    • Flat Rate Per Contract - Billed based on the flat Price/Rate Per Visit filled in. 
    • Time and Material Per Visit - Billed based on the hourly Price/Rate Per Visit filled in.
  2. Man Hours - Different per contract, but a standard default amount can be entered here.
  3. # of Visits - Different per contract, but a standard default amount can be entered here.
  4. Price/Rate Per Visit - Different per contract, but a standard default amount can be entered here.
  5. Notes - Predefined notes can be provided for this work to-do specific to its tier/level/package. For example, Bronze Irrigation will only cover the startups of the contract whereas a Platinum package user can have it be covered.

Estimate Template WTD 2

To confirm/save the changes to your edits/adjustments, click the  icon. To cancel/revert the changes to your edits/adjustments, click the  icon.


In my example, I have zeroed out the # of Visits for all of my Lawn Care work to-dos. This is because they're not included in my "Bronze Irrigation" package that I am creating.

Estimate Template WTD 4


After finishing with the Work-To-Dos, click FC Green Done to finalize building your Estimate Template.


**If you do not want to use an estimate template, Field Central will automatically pull property pricing dollars from the property level.**