Data Import

Data Import allows importing data into FieldCentral via Excel or CSV files.

Go to Settings \ Data Import

1) Settings

2) Data Import

1 Settings Data Import

Data Import Types Select from one of the following Import Types 

  • Properties
  • Mgmt Companies
  • People
  • Property UDFs
  • Materials
  • Contracts

Import Status is a report that shows the results of attempted or completed imports.

 2 Import Types

When an Import Type is selected the Import Columns specific to that import are displayed. This display guides you in laying out your Excel Spreadsheet.

1) Column Headers Use the column header exactly as displayed for each column in your spreadsheet. You may omit columns you don't need.

2) Description Describes what data is to appear in each cell under its designated column header.

3 Headers

1) Click on Select Excel or CSV file to find your file.

2) Click on Upload File to import it.

4 Import

The Data Import Status report displays the results of the import.

5 Import Status