Schedule View

To customize the Schedule View go to Settings \ Schedule View.

1) Click on Settings

2) Click on Schedule View

1 Go to Settings - Schedule View

Click on Edit 

2 Click on Edit

Customize the settings:

1) Number of Crews Displayed Per Page Selects the number of crews on the schedule screen. Additional crews can be viewed in the Next Page of the schedule screen.

2) Customizable Fields Choose additional customer information to display and view when scheduling.

3) Length of Work Day (Hrs) To determine the length of the scheduling time-frame.

4) Start of Work Day The determine the beginning of the scheduling time-frame.

5) Allow Visit Time Overlap To visit times scheduling to overlap.

6) 2 Month Calendar Settings To aid in scheduling by displaying distance ranges by color of other scheduled visits on the calendar days.

7) Click on Done to save.

3 Select Options - Click Done