QuickBooks Desktop Data Transfer

Field Central can import and export data when integrated with an Accounting Package. This guide is on connecting to QuickBooks Desktop. If you use QuickBooks Online please refer to our other guide here.

The first step is to connect Field Central with QuickBooks Desktop, if this step has not yet been completed please refer to the guide on Accounting Setup located here.

The next step will be to return to the settings panel as shown here:

Opening Settings

From here, go into Integration Options shown below:

 Integrations Option Open

Once the Integrations Panel is open the download button shown here:

Download Page

 When the application has been downloaded and installed, open the application and log in.

Main Page

Once logged in, the first drop down selection shown below will allow the choice between importing or exporting data.


If the Import option is selected, items such as Contacts, Materials, or Tax Codes Pulled from QuickBooks by selecting it in the second drop down and clicking start.



If the Export option is chosen, data like Contacts, and Invoices may be sent to QuickBooks by selecting it in the second drop down and clicking start.