QuickBooks Online Data Transfer

Field Central can import and export data when integrated with an Accounting Package. This guide is on connecting to QuickBooks Online. If you use QuickBooks Desktop please refer to our other guide here.

The first step is to connect Field Central with QuickBooks Online, if this step has not yet been completed please refer to the guide on Accounting Setup located here.

The next step will be to return to the settings panel as shown here:

Opening Settings (1)

From here, go into Integration Options shown below:

 Integrations Option Open (1)

Once there, click on the "Connect to QuickBooks" button as shown here:

Connect to Quickbooks

This will cause a new window to open asking for you to sign into QuickBooks Online. Enter your information into the prompt and sign in. The prompt should like like this:

QBO Setup

Once signed into QuickBooks Online, all of the different Import and Export options will be available as shown here:

QBO Import Page