The main purpose of the Email section of your Needs Attention Panel is to search for and manage your Emails sent. This article is all about how to use it.

In order to get here you will first have to open the Needs Attention Panel shown here:


Once the Needs Attention Panel is open you will want to open the Email Menu shown below:


Once the Email Menu is open there are five major components to work with. I will discuss each of these in relation to the image shown here:


1) You may use the Email Type drop down to refine your search based upon the type of email you are looking for. (I.E. Confirmation, or Reminder.)

2) The Email Status drop down can be used to refine the search once again to only get emails based upon the status of the email. (I.E. Processed, Delivered, Blocked.)

3 & 4) The From and Thru date boxes shown here can be used to refine the search based upon the date that the email was sent.

5) The action column is used to pull up a copy of the email.