The main purpose of the Contracts section of your Needs Attention Panel is to search for and manage your Contracts. This article is all about how to use it.

First: open the Needs Attention as shown below.


Then, click on the Contracts button shown here:


Once the contract page is open, it can be broken down into a few parts.


Going from left to right in the above image we have a few important items:

1) The box labelled "All" allows you to change what status you would like to refine your visible contracts to. I.E. Needs to be scheduled, or Expired.

2) The sections labelled From and Thru allow you to select the date range to return searched contracts for. This is based upon when the contract starts.

3) The search function will search for any information tied to the contract, or customer that you would like to search for.

4) The Action drop down is used to determine what you would like to do with the contract. Whether you will: Schedule a Visit, Renew the Contract, or Delete the Contract. These options are highlighted below.