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How to Email in FieldCentral

In order to setup the different types of emails you can use in FieldCentral you start by going into Settings > Communications. (You need to have access to a SendGrid account to start emailing in FC)

There are 3 Different sections on this page: (Shown Below)
Email Senders: This is where you setup the users you want to be able to send emails from
Templates: This is where you setup the different types of templates that get sent out to your customers.
Email Options: A few miscellaneous options that can affect how the email sends


There are currently 9 different types of emails that can be selected to send from FC:

Confirmation (Most common) – Allows the customer to confirm the visit time/day directly from the email
Reminder – Sends a reminder that a visit is upcoming (Can be set to Auto Send by Day)
Cancellation – Sends an email out confirming a visit was marked as cancelled
Rescheduled – If an appointment time/day was changed this triggers an reschedule email to be sent
Incomplete – Sends out an email that a visit was marked as incomplete
Completion - Sends out an email that a visit was marked as complete (Can be set to Auto Send)
Estimate – Allows you to send an estimate to a customer
Contract - Allows you to send a contract to a customer
Leave behind - Allows you to send a summary of the work performed

Adding a new template:
Once FieldCentral is connected to your SendGrid account you then have the ability to Select templates by hitting the green plus sign on the Templates section and then select from the ‘Template Name’ drop down. 
Select the service from the Service drop down
You can then select individual WTD’s you want to send those out for or you can simply check the ‘All WTDs’ if you want to send it for the entire service. (I.E Irrigation, Lawn Maint, etc)



Sending out emails:
There are a few different ways you can send out these emails once you have all of the above setup.
Confirmation emails are triggered to send out on the moment of scheduling the visit (As you can see below I just put the service on the schedule for 8AM and it immediately prompted this box to send the email.


Both Cancellation and Reschedule emails will be prompted to send If you’re manually making changes to visits on the schedule. (Moved appt from 8 to 9:30 and it prompted to send the reschedule email)

Otherwise most other emails are sent out via a process called Mass Emailing (The ones mentioned above can be sent this way too if needed)

You can also Mass email from 2 different places in HindSite, the Visits page and the Accounts page
(Both can be found in the menu in the top left)
From the Visits page you can select from a list of visits you currently have on the schedule by using the date ranges on this page. You then select the ‘Mass action' dropdown > Mass Email > Select the template you need to send to everyone you currently have pulled up in this list and hit Mass Send.




From the Contacts Page it’s a very similar process but with contacts instead of individual visits. Once you have the correct list of contacts you want to send an email to you can select the ‘Mass action’ drop down > Click Send Email to All > Select Template > Hit Mass Send. (In this case I limited the list to only people in the city of Saint Paul)