There are 2 different ways to generate a Contract within FieldCentral. The first and most common way is going through the estimate process in order to generate a contract. (If you’d like to learn more about the estimate process you can click here)

The second way is to do what’s known as a contract import

To navigate to the contract section, you first want to click in the top left of the Quick Access Bar and select the Sales & Est. option as shown below:


On the right side of this page is where you will see the contract section, Click the Open option under the contracts side to view the list of all contracts.



On the left side of the contract page we have multiple options that allow you to limit the list of contracts you’re currently viewing.


Contract Service: Select a specific type of service (Irrigation, Maintenance, etc.)

Contract Title: Selects a specific contract name (Silver, Gold, etc.)

Visit Status: Select between 2 different options (All visits scheduled or Short scheduled visits)

Property: Select a specific property

Sales Rep: Select a Sales Rep

Contract Expiring: Select contracts that are going to expire within x amount of days (30, 60, 90, 180)

Contract Status: Select from multiple different contract statuses (Active, Pending, Expired, Not Expired)

Contract Date From and Thru: Allows you to specify a date range based on the Contracts start date

Reset Filters: Resets all of the above fields back to default

Also, in the top right of this page there are Bulk Contract Actions which allow you to Print, download, email, or renew the contracts on the list in mass.


With each contract there are 3 different Actions that can be used to either View, Print, or Edit the contracts as shown above.

If you select the first action which is to View the contract you will see this page below:

This section shows the Details of the contract (You can also Print the contract from here in the top right)


Selecting the Services tab on the left-hand side allows you to see all the services included in that contract like so:


You can also select the Print option (Either from within the contract or from the full list of contracts as shown earlier) and it will create a report format of the contract as shown below:


The final option is Schedule which will take you to a place where you can select from the list of services included in the contract and put those visits on the schedule:


On this page you would first select what Crew you are putting these onto the schedule for.

It will then list all of the Work To Do's included in the contract with how many more visits need to be scheduled. (In this case the Start-ups is 0 out of 1 as it’s already been scheduled)

In order to schedule one of the WTD's you first need to select an option under the Repeat Every drop down. For services where you only have 1 visit you would simply select the ‘Non-Repeating’ option. (If you don't select an option it will simply skip that service)

Finally you would select the date you want to put the visit on using the Start Date box and once you hit Done in the top right it will put that visit in at the next available time on that day.