Updates, Client Installs, Server Swaps, and Database Recovery

Program Updates:

Program updates can be downloaded and ran through the HindSite Solution. Below are the steps you need to take to update HindSite:

  1. Select Help in the bottom left
  2. Select Update This Program
  3. Select Yes on the pop up to begin the HindSite backup process
  4. Select the location you want to save the HindSite backup to
  5. Wait for the green progress bar to finish
  6. Once the backup process is complete, select Download to download the HindSite update file
  7. When HindSite has finished downloading the update file, have everyone leave HindSite and close any HindSite files.
  8. Once everyone has exited HindSite, select Ok and proceed through the update wizard
    If the update is run while anyone has HindSite open, the update will fail and give you an error. If this happens, make sure everyone has exited HindSite and rerun the HindSite Update.exe file in the HindSite folder.
  9. When the wizard is completed, open HindSite to finish updating the database.

    Additional Notes: Your technicians do not need to exit their field apps during step 7 but will need to refrain from syncing while the update is running. Optionally, if you unshare the HindSite folder (default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\HindSite) it will prevent any technicians from syncing and kick anyone out of HindSite. Please make sure to reshare the folder after step 9.
    You only need to run the update from the server. All other clients share the same application version and database version unless we helped install a local install on a client in the past. If you have a local client install, you will need to download and run the update from the local client as well.

Client Installs:

Client computers are any computers that have the HindSite program installed and are linked to the HindSite database located on the server. Client installs can not be installed by the user and you must call us to install HindSite on any new client computers. The client and server must be on the same network and we will need Windows Administrator rights to install the client.

Server Swaps:

The HindSite server is the computer that we initially installed HindSite on. The server hosts the program files, the HindSite database, the SQLHindSite service, the webservice files, and the Ultidev services. Server swaps can not be performed by the user and you must contact us to schedule a server swap appointment. Because server swaps tend to take longer than the average support calls we require server swaps to be scheduled out a day ahead.

We will need the following when calling for a server swap:

  • The new server must meet our system requirements (see below)
  • Access to the old server through our remote software (Anydesk)
  • Access to the new server through our remote software (Anydesk)
  • Windows Administrator rights on both servers

Database Recovery:

If the HindSite program/database is lost for any reason, such as a hard drive failure, you can give us a call anytime and we will do our best to perform an emergency server swap. 


Notice: We do not save or store your database on our end. In case of an emergency server swap, we will need you to obtain a HindSite backup or the raw database files. Otherwise, we won't be able to restore your previous data.

We do not charge any extra fees for updates, client installs, server swaps, or database recovery calls. So feel free to contact us at your convenience.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at our mainline (888) 752-5978, email us at Support@HindSiteSoftware.com or submit a ticket through our portal.