Customer Imports

Customer Imports

Customer imports allow you to mass import new customers and mass update existing customers. Please read carefully and take your time. Not following the directions will undeniably lead to grief and heartache.

Step One: Create/Format your spreadsheet.

Follow the steps below if you are adding new customers that do not currently exist in your HindSite database.

  1. Use the table below to format your column headers.
  2. Make sure your spreadsheet does not contain more than one sheet.
    Because the spreadsheet will be saved as a text document later, all of the other sheets will be deleted.
  3. Enter your new customer data. See attachment below for an example.
  4. Once you have formatted your spreadsheet and added your new customer data, select File, select Save As, select Browse, set the Save as type to Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt), save.

Optionally, export your spreadsheet.

Follow the steps below if you are updating existing customers.

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Use the search fields to retrieve the list of customers you want to update.
  3. Select Report 
  4. Select Export to File at the top
  5. Select all of the fields you want to update for your customers.
    Make sure to always include Contact ID. This field is required for all customer imports.
  6. Select Browse in the bottom right to select the location you want to save the file to.
  7. Once you select the file location, select Export in the bottom right.

Step Two: Import your spreadsheet.

  1. Go to Maintenance, select Utilities, select Imports
  2. Open the drop-down menu and select Contacts
  3. Select the Browse button (across from File Path) and find your tab delimited file. Select it and click Open.
  4. Once the file has been selected, select the Import button in the bottom right. HindSite will prompt you to take a backup, take a backup. Once the backup is completed, the import will begin.

Additional notes/guidelines

  • The only column absolutely required is ID.
  • Phone numbers must be NUMERIC ONLY (no parenthesis, dashes, periods, letters, etc.)!
  • You can have multiple phone numbers and emails, but you must repeat the 4 phone/email columns each time (NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EXTENSION, EMAIL) even if most will be blank!
  • Statuses must match exactly, or HindSite will add a new status to match that customer’s record
  • Discounts should be entered as whole numbers: 10% = 10, 15% = 15 (i.e. no decimals)
  • Tax codes need to be entered exactly as they are in QuickBooks (e.g. “Tax”, “MN”, “Transit”, etc.)
  • Divisions must match exactly, or HindSite will add a new division to match that customer’s record.
  • Any reference numbers (such as QBID) must already exist in HindSite
  • User Defined Fields are imported using a different type of import.

Contact Import Columns

Column Title Description


Contact ID. Must be unique.
COMPANY Company name
FIRST Primary contact’s first name.
LAST Primary contact’s last name.
SADDRESS1 Service address
SADDRESS2 Service address (second line: suite #, PO box, etc)
SCITY Service City
SSTATE Service State/Province
SZIP Service Zip code or Postal code
SCOUNTRY Service Country
NOTE Site Notes
MAP CODE Map grid coordinates or blank text field
ALT CONTACT Alternate contact name (first and last)
STATUS Customer Status name. If the status name isn’t found (i.e. exactly the same) it is added.
INSTALL DATE Date of system install (long format)
UD1 Data for User Defined Field 1
UD2 Data for User Defined Field 2 (etc...)
UD20 Office Special Needs field (Special pop-up message that appears on the office program for this customer)
SALES REP QuickBooks Sales Rep
DIVISION Division for this customer. “All” is default. New div. created if not found
QB FULLNAME Contact’s name in QuickBooks (use a colon for QB Jobs/MGMT companies)
PART DISCOUNT Discount applied to customer’s invoice for materials (e.g. enter 10 for 10%)
LABOR DISCOUNT Discount applied to customer’s invoice for labor (e.g. enter 15 for 15%)
TAX CODE Tax rate specific to this customer (e.g. enter 4.5 for 4.5%)
ACTIVE STATUS Active, Inactive, Prospect, Sold (must be one of these, Active is default)
PROPERTY MGMT FLAG Owner (O), Mgmt. Co. (M), Mgmt. Prop. (P), or Co. and Prop. (B) (Blank cells will default to Owner)
PROPERTY MGMT COMPANY Only used if above is P or B. Enter the ID of MGMT Company.
TECH ID Default tech for this customer. Tech ID must already exist.
QBID QB Company reference number. Must already exist.
PRICE LEVEL Name of price level assigned to this customer. Must already exist.
INVOICE CLASS QB Class assigned to this customer’s invoices. Must exist in QB.
PDA SPECIAL NEEDS Special pop-up message that appears on the field device for this customer


Notes about garage door codes, animals, hidden key, etc.
BADDRESS1 Billing address
BADDRESS2 Billing address (second line: suite #, PO box, etc
BCITY Billing City
BSTATE Billing State/Province
BZIP Billing Zip code or Postal code
BCOUNTRY Billing Country
NAME Name/Description associated with PHONE NUMBER field (next row)
PHONE NUMBER Phone number. Numeric only: no parenthesis, dashed, periods, letters, etc.
EXTENSION Extension for PHONE NUMBER field (previous row)

Email address associated with NAME (three rows above)


If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at our mainline (888) 752-5978, email us at or submit a ticket through our portal.

See attachment below for an example spreadsheet.