RouteBuilder allows the user to create deployable routes associated with recurring WTDs in FieldCentral. When creating routes inside RouteBuilder, FieldCentral allows the user to visually see and select recurring visits to do in the system from a map showing pins of all properties with recurring visits that still need to be scheduled and completed.

Accessing RouteBuilder

You can access the RouteBuilder menu in FieldCentral directly through the main menu section on the action bar. Once selected, you will be brought to a page showing routes you already have created. Once in the route RouteBuilder menu, you would be able to edit existing route templates or create new route templates to be used with your recurring visits.



Creating Route Templates with RouteBuilder

To Create a new route, you would need to click the green plus Icon on the page. Once this is selected, a new route template will be added to the list. Once added, you would be prompted to enter the name and description of the route template. Once this is entered, you would click the green check icon next to the new entry to finalize the name and description



Once the template is created you would be able to start building your routes after clicking the ‘Edit Template Routes’ option on the same line as the desired template. From here you will go ahead and select the corresponding week and day you are creating the route for. Once selected, you would then click the green plus symbol and name the route. Once the route is named, you would select which crew the route would be associated with when placing the route on the schedule. Once all the information is entered, you would click the green check Icon to finalize your entry.



Once the individual route is created, you would then expand the route to add visits to the route or view current visits in that specific route. You would be able to click and drag the visit from the overall list at the far left of the screen or from the generated visits selected on the map.



You would repeat this process for every crew that will be handling routes for every day in the week routed visits will be needed.


Initiating routes created in RouteBuilder

Once the Route Template has been created, you can click the schedule icon and select the start and end date that you would like the routes scheduled for. It is most common for the selected day when scheduling to be a Monday considering that is the first day set in the route template.