Property Summary


The property summary provides critical information about the selected customer on the schedule. The function overall provides the essential information to schedule the customer efficiently as possible.


Accessing the Property Summary 

Once a property is selected from the schedule, a red box to the right should appear. This box will list 2 numbers. The first number represents the number of incomplete visits associated to the selected property where the second value represents the number of visits to do for the property.



When first opening the property summary, the priorities section opens by default. You can view all visits to do and incomplete visits for the selected customer. You are then able to click and drag visits from the list to the schedule onto the specific date and crew of your choosing to schedule or reschedule the selected visit.


Scheduled Visits

The scheduled visits section of the property summary shows the history of scheduled visits for the selected customer. You can toggle the “Include Incompletes?” option to list all visits and not just the ones not started and completed.


Emails Sent

In the emails sent portion of the property summary, you are able to preview details pertaining to emails sent to the specific customer(s) associated to the selected property. From this section, you can see the status of the email as well as view the email that was sent to the customer.



Over in the sales section of the property summary, you are able to see an overview  of the contracts and estimates associated to the selected property. You can click the icon under the view tab to open the respective contract or estimate if you would like to see more information involving the sales item.



The notes section allows the FieldCentral user to preview any internal history as well as added notes pertaining to the property. You can also add the property specific note from this section by clicking the green plus icon on the page.



In the reminders section of the property summary, you are able to preview and add reminders in the system that are associated to a specific property and FieldCentral user. You can find more information about reminders here.