Service Billing - Update

Billing is setup on the service level so in order to change how something bills we first need to go into Settings > Services > Services & WTD
From here you then want to go into the service drop down and edit the specific Work To Do that you need to adjust billing for. It will look like this:


Once in the WTD's there are 3 different Billing Types:
Non-Billable: Used for scheduling purposes only (Doesn’t create invoice)
Time and Materials: Allows you to use crew times to charge for labor
Flat Rate: Charges the customer at a Flat Rate for the services (Typically no additional labor charge)



Work To Do Name - Name of the WTD when scheduling and billing

Work to Do Description - Description of the WTD

QuickBooks Full Name - Name of the line item as it is in QB (If you're using sub-items in QB it could potentially look something like this Irrigation:Start Up)

QuickBooks Prepayment Line Item - Name of the line item in QB you created for prepaid billing (Must use estimates/contracts to setup prepaid billing)

Taxable? - Allows this service to calculate tax when sending to billing (Must be turned on for tax to calculate. Also, Tax code has to be applied to the property to know what code to use).

# of Visits - Allows you to set the # of visits needed when applying this WTD to an Estimate/Contract
(Mainly used in Lawn Maint like Mowing where we have multiple visits needed over the year).

Checklist Template - Can select from the list of checklists you created so they will pop up when doing service. Essentially a list of tasks that need to be done at a service but doesn't affect billing (Another primarily Lawn maint feature.)
EX: During Spring Cleanup we need to Trim and Prune as well. Trim and Prune would be added as tasks to the checklist so we can state if it was done or not during service.

Assessment - Pull from your list of assessments created so that the list of questions automatically pops up to the tech when timing out of the job (Allows you to capture more information regarding what was done or to gather more information about that property).

Invoice Class - lets you track account balances by department, business office or location, separate properties, or any other meaningful breakdown of your business. This lets you track segments you want to keep a close eye on within QB. (This is a field specifically from QB that allows you to group items together)

Est Man Hrs - How much time gets blocked off on the schedule for this visit (Done in decimal time so 15Mins = 0.25 mins, 30mins = 0.5, etc.)

Schedule Type - Allows setup of Nonrecurring and recurring services (Mainly used for lawn maint services like Mowing). This also needs to be set to recurring if you plan on using the RouteBuilder feature.

Flat Rate - Set the charge that will be applied if Billing type is set to Flat Rate.

Primary Rate by Hr. - The rate that's applied to all primary techs (Means they need to also have a user with the same name as the employee account).

Helper Rate by Hr. - The rate that's applied to all Helpers (Anyone setup as an employee that doesn't have a user setup as well).

Include Leave Behind Method? - Allows you to set a leave behind document to be printed or emailed for this WTD. (Commonly used in Maint services where you have to leave behind a document of what chemicals got sprayed, wind speed/direction, etc.)

Auto Roll Incomplete Visits? - Incomplete visits from the previous day will be automatically moved to the beginning of the current day from Tuesday through Sunday.

Note: Sunday's visits will not be moved to Monday.

WTD Color - Color of the appt on the schedule when not marked as confirmed

Confirm Color - Color of the appt on the schedule when marked as confirmed

Days After - Filling in "Days After" with any value will include this work to Do in your "chain".

The chain will automatically look at previous Work To Do's in the chain and adjust the Pending Date when a customer has any other "Days After" work scheduled or completed.




There’s also a section for what’s known as a Trip Charge. This allows you to set a specific price for a set amount of time and if the technician goes over that time it will then switch over to bill for additional labor. (Ex: Charge $80 for the first 60 mins, anything over uses what's in the Rate by Hr. box)

Description - The Trip Charge Description and QuickBooks Full Name fields are displayed on the invoice and sent to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Full Name - The Trip Charge Description and QuickBooks Full Name fields are displayed on the invoice and sent to QuickBooks.

If either of these fields have a value then the Trip Charge becomes a separate line item. Leave these fields empty to combine the Trip Charge with the Labor line on the invoice.

Add’l Charge per Trip -  The amount you want to charge for the Trip

Trip Charge Rate Coverage (minutes) - The amount of time the trip charge covers before rolling into additional billing rates.

Minimum Charge per Trip - Allows you to set a minimum for what should be billed for that Visit


That’s how you setup the billing on the service level — additionally, you can also set a specific price for each property.

To do this go to Accounts > Property Search and go into one of the property pages. On the left hand side you’ll see a Pricing tab where you can set the Trip charge dollar/minutes as well as the Rate Type and visit price.

In order to add these you just have to hit the edit button in the top right and enter in the correct prices for each WTD for that property. Once done simply hit 'Save Changes' to apply those updates to the property level prices.



This covers all the basics regarding Services that you’ll need to know to get started.


If you have any other questions regarding this process, please give us a call at 888-752-5978, submit a ticket from this ZenDesk page, or email us at