Tech Revenue Report

What is a Tech Revenue report?

This report uses the collected data from FieldCentral to compare payroll hours worked to revenue brought in or sold by the crew, for a specific time period. This report can vary depending on the total number of crew members who were a part of the particular crew for the said period of time. For example, if John Smith was an employee who is a one-man team, this report will show how much revenue is based on his hourly Primary Rate. However, if John Smith was an employee who works in a team of two or more crew members, the report will average out the hourly Primary Rate across all crew members to use for calculations. Another thing to consider with the Tech Revenue report is if the Work To Do that was billed, was set to bill at a flat rate.

Here is a rough breakdown of what you will see within a tech revenue report and a definition of what each means.

X-axis – Crews

Y-axis – Dollars

Gross Revenue $ – The expected gross revenue dollars from the total.
Tech Hours × Avg Rev/Hour = Gross Revenue $

Gross Revenue % – The expected gross revenue percentage from the total.
Gross Revenue $ ÷ Total = Gross Revenue %

Tech Hours – The total number of hours.

Avg Rev/Hour – The average revenue per hour.