Office Assessments

An Overview of Office Assessments in HindSite Solution

Office Assessments are prompts or sets of questions presented to the office staff to capture essential information for the business. These assessments can be set up to capture basic contact information, the customers’ scheduling preferences, and even detailed information about your customers’ properties. In the program, these assessments can be set up to appear at certain times in the system, including when a new account is added, when an account is updated, or when a specific service is scheduled.

Creating An Office Assessment

 To create an Office Assessment, you first must navigate to “Go To Maint” > “Maintenance” > “Office Assessments”. From here, you can create a new office assessment by clicking the “New” button on the right side of the page. Upon clicking new, a section to enter the assessment name appears at the top of the screen. After entering the name of the assessment, you can click “Save Assessment” to add the assessment to your current office assessments.  


Now that the assessment has been created, we will need to go back into the assessment to create the questions for the assessment. To do this, you will double-click on the assessment to which you would like to add questions and then click the “New Question” button on the right side of the screen. From here, you will enter your first question, determine if the question is required to be answered, and select the type of question you would like to use. Once the basic question information is entered, you can choose a field you would like the answer to relate to inside the system. When answering a question associated with data in the system, the answer provided will either overwrite or append the current data in that field. 


Triggering Office Assessments

Once the assessment is built and populated with questions, we can determine when the office assessment should be triggered. You can currently access two locations to set an office assessment to be triggered. The first section can be found by Navigating to “Go to Maint” > “Utilities” > “Application Setup”. From here, you should see a tab labeled “Office Assessments” on the right side of the displayed page. After entering that section, you could assign any general or custom office assessments to specific actions in the program, such as selecting a customer on the schedule, when saving a work order, when adding a new customer, and when saving an existing customer’s account.


The second section you can apply a trigger is on specific services inside the system. First, you will need to navigate to “Go to Maint” > “Maintenance” > “Services and Categories”. From here, you would navigate through your categories and services until you find the service you would like to associate with the office assessment. Once the service is selected, on the right-hand side, you should be able to select the “Triggers” button and assign the Office Assessment to the “WO assessment to run after saving” field. Once this is set up and saved, whenever that specific service is scheduled in the office, the questions in the office assessment should be directed to the person scheduling the appointment. 



If you have questions about office assessments or run into issues when setting up office assessments, feel free to reach out to us through our support line at (888) 752-5978 or email us at