The main purpose of the Incompletes section of your Needs Attention Panel is to search for and manage your incomplete work orders. This article is all about how to use it.

Start by clicking the Needs Attention Panel shown below:

2019-11-05_7-50-32 (1)

Once that panel is open, click on the Incomplete Work Orders menu shown here:

Needs Attention Menu

Within the Incomplete Work Orders menu there are quite a few working components. I will go through each item in relation to the picture below.

Incompletes Menu

1) The property text box allows for you to search for a specific property to pull up all associated incomplete work orders.

2 & 3) Allows you to select a date range to refine the search by when the work order was marked incomplete.

4, 5, & 6) You may use each of these drop down boxes to refine your work order search by; Service Category, Work To Do, or even the Crew assigned.

7) Finally, you may use the Action Column to; Reschedule, Cancel, or Delete the work order.