Visits To Do

The main purpose of the Visits To Do section of your Needs Attention Panel is to search for and manage your Visits To Do. This article is all about how to use it.

To start, we will first have to access the Needs Attention Menu shown below:


Next, you will want to open the Visits To Do section as shown here:

Visits To Do Selection

Once the Visits To Do Section is open, there are four main components which I will discuss in relation to the image shown below:

Visits to Do Main Menu

1 & 2) The Date selection boxes shown here allow you to choose a date range to refine your Visits search based upon the Due Date.

3) With the search box you can search for key words pertaining to the customer, or visit itself such as an address, or service.

4) The action column allows you to schedule or delete the visit.